Successful case following still birth due to negligence at Birmingham Women’s Hospital

Rachel Bowen has successfully settled a case for a client who tragically suffered a still birth at 32 weeks of pregnancy as a result of the negligence of staff at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. The Client at 31 weeks of pregnancy was diagnosed as suffering with gestational diabetes and was referred to a Diabetic Antenatal Clinic at the hospital.

Upon attending the clinic, due to an administrative error a different patient’s gestation/BMI and observations were transcribed into the Client’s notes. As a result she was not seen by an Obstetrician but was incorrectly sent home, as a result of which a diagnosis of pre-eclampsia was missed. As a result of suffering severe pre-eclampsia the Client was admitted to hospital six days later where it was diagnosed that she had suffered an intra-uterine death.

Rachel wrote to Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust inviting them to make early admissions of negligence. The Trust admitted full responsibility for what had occurred and accepted that had it not been for their negligence the Client’s baby would have been born successfully.

Following these admissions a settlement of the case was amicably reached in the sum of £19,000.00.
Rachel said “This is a very sad case where the death of my Client’s unborn baby could have been avoided. Whilst no amount of compensation can help ease the pain suffered by my Client she has gained some comfort by the Trust making early admissions of negligence”.

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