Birth Injury For Mother Negligence Claim

Failure to diagnose 4th degree tear during child birth

Rachel Bowen was instructed to act on behalf of Mrs X who suffered a 4th degree tear during delivery of her first child. Unfortunately, the Defendant failed to recognise this was a 4th degree tear and undertook a surgical repair surgery in the mistaken belief it was a 3rd degree tear.

Birth injury leading to difficulty with bowels and urinary problems

Mrs D gave birth to her first child in 1998. Delivery was facilitated using forceps and a ventouse. Mrs D sustained a third degree tear from which she made a good recovery although she went on and developed post natal depression. Subsequently, she had two miscarriages. 

Clinical negligence claim against the George Elliot Hospital NHS Trust

Tracy Edwards was instructed to investigate a claim for clinical negligence against the George Elliot Hospital NHS Trust following the birth of Mrs X’s son on the 28th September 2007. Mrs X raised concerns about the treatment she had up to and including the birth of her son.

Complications following caesarean section

The patient suffered a broad ligament tear during the course of a caesarean section. This caused a large intra abdominal haematoma that led to multifocal incomplete bowel obstruction.

Complications arising following caesarean section

We were instructed on behalf of GM in relation to complications arising following the birth of her son by way of caesarean section.

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