Delayed Diagnosis / Misdiagnosis

Delayed diagnosis of anal cancer: settled claim previously turned down by another law firm

Sarah Hale, specialist Clinical Negligence Paralegal settled a claim arising out of delayed diagnosis of anal cancer.

Delayed diagnosis and treatment of Paget’s disease

Katie Nairne, specialist clinical negligence lawyer, has recently settled a claim relating to delayed diagnosis and treatment of Paget’s disease.

Failure to diagnose and treat dislocated hip following total hip replacement

Davies and Partners represented Mr H following unsuccessful hip surgery performed by the The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. Mr H Complained of pain, leg length discrepancy and difficult with mobilising.

Failure to diagnose and treat discitis

Davies and Partners recently settled a claim for Mrs G who brought a claim against the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham) following spinal fusion surgery.

Unnecessary surgery following mis-diagnosis of breast cancer

The patient found a lump on her right breast positioned behind the nipple. An early mammogram and ultrasound were performed followed by a fine needle aspiration biopsy.

Death of patient following failure to diagnose and treat ischaemia of the foot

The patient developed pain in his left lower limb and toe. Over the following 7 months his pain progressed and he was sent for various investigations.

Negligent failure by General Practitioner and hospital to diagnose and treat a spinal abscess leading to significant spinal cord injury

Following a flu like illness the patient developed pain in the middle of her back extending to her right shoulder blade. She attended the Accident & Emergency Department of her local hospital by ambulance where she was diagnosed as suffering from a chest infection, given antibiotics and discharged.

Failure by General Practitioner to diagnose infective endocarditis leading to a stroke

The patient presented at his General Practitioner on a number of occasions suffering with flu-like symptoms. Blood tests were taken but the General Practitioner did not respond to increases in the patient’s white blood cell (WBC) count and CRP results.

General Practitioner’s failure to diagnose breast cancer

For a period of a year the Claimant attended her General Practitioner with concerns about a lump in her breast. She was not examined nor referred to a breast clinic.

Death from pneumococcal septicaemia

I was instructed by Mr Fs’ widow in relation to a potential clinical negligence claim that resulted in the death of her husband. In 1973 the deceased, Mr F underwent a splenectomy.

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