Failings In Management Of Treatment

Death Caused by Air Embolism

On 28th February 2012, Mr H suffered a massive air embolism when a catheter that had been used to provide dialysis was removed from his neck. The air embolism caused an obstruction to the flow of blood to the right side of Mr H’s heart, causing him to suffer a cardiac arrest. At the time of Mr H’s death, an air embolism was classed by the NHS as a “Never Event”. The list of “Never Events” were put together and the aim of the policy was to reduce “Never Events” to zero, as they were classed to be intolerable and inexcusable.

Standards of Care

Davies and Partners has received a number of enquiries regarding complaints against a local NHS Trust, The Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in connection specifically with the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.

39 Day Settlement

Swift Clinical negligence settlement for 94 year old client with plaster burn.

Successful case following failure to conduct a proper psychiatric assessment

Rachel Bowen has successfully settled a case for a Client against Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust.

Smith v Hair Associates Hairdressing Treatment – Failure to carry out a skin patch test

On 25th August 2007, Miss Smith who was 18 years old attended the Defendant’s hair salon with her mother to have her hair highlighted. She had had her hair highlighted on previous occasions, but this was the first time she had attended the Defendant’s salon.

Failure to treat infection in infant leading to death

The claim was bought for bereavement damages as a result of a client called E who was born in September 2006. She suffered with Downs Syndrome and Wests Syndrome and regularly attended New Cross Hospital due to a wheezy chest which was aggravated by her epilepsy.

Negligent blood pressure management by General Practitioner

The separated but not divorced widow of the deceased brought a claim for the death of her husband due to inadequate blood pressure treatment by his GP. The deceased died suddenly on 2 July 2006.

Negligent Management Of Patient With Ankylosing

The Claimant suffered with ankylosing spondylitis. He fell at home in suffering a fracture of his cervical spine across the C6/C7 space. The Claimant was admitted to hospital where halo traction was applied.

Neurological damage due to anticoagulation therapy

The patient suffered with angina. She was admitted to hospital with severe angina symptoms following an episode of central chest pain radiating to her neck that was not relieved by GTN spray.

Death of patient following failure to treat a wound infection

The Claimant suffered an injury to her left big toe when a bottle of wine fell from a shopping trolley she was pushing and a shard of glass cut the top of her foot.

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