Failings In Management Of Treatment

Damages for Gentamicin ototoxicity

The patient was admitted to hospital with a very high temperature. He had been unwell on and off for the preceding 3 months.

Liability of medical practitioners for the acts of their schizophrenic patients

B suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. As a result of his condition he attacked his mother and killed his father. A claim was brought against the patient’s General Practitioner and Primary Care Trust alleging negligent failures in treating B’s mental illness as a result of which the attacks occurred.

Severe Hypoxic Brain Damage Due To Monitor Failure

The patient suffered a mild cardial infarction at home and was admitted to hospital where she was treated with antithrombolitic agents. She suffered a further cardiac arrest but was resuscitated.

Bethany Clemens Deceased

14 year-old Bethany Jayne Clemens (DOB: 12.01.1997) was the eldest child of Emma Oakes. She lived in East Looe and was a student at Dame Hannah Rogers School, a special school for children with disabilities, in Ivybridge.

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