Brain Injury Compensation

Brain injury compensation is dependent upon the type of brain injury that you have suffered. Brain injuries can be caused by many different factors and the injury to the brain can affect many aspects of daily life including physical disability to more minor matters such as cognitive difficulties, memory loss and poor concentration. Compensation for a brain injury is designed to try to put the claimant back into a position they would have been in had it not been for the accident or clinical negligence however, as anyone that has ever suffered from a brain injury will know, it is almost impossible to do so and therefore compensation simply reflects the change to someone’s lifestyle and the cost of trying to ensure that they have as many opportunities, care and equipment that they need.

At Davies and Partners Solicitors we understand the enormous financial strain that sufferers of a brain injury will know, sometimes loved ones have had to give up work to care for someone with a brain injury or a victim of brain injury may need to move to alternative accommodation to better suit their needs. These changes to a brain injured person’s lifestyle and family can be enormous and that is why compensation for brain injury needs to be dealt with by experts. When you compensate someone for a brain injury they need to be compensated for what they have suffered but also how it is going to affect them in the future. Careful analysis of the care needs, housing needs and any aids, equipment and therapies required to include psychological and emotional support needs to be taken into account.

The value of compensation depends upon the nature of the brain injury and the permanence of the effects. The more serious and far reaching injuries will require help in the future and therefore compensation is likely to be higher. Brain injury compensation is divided into two heads of damage, general damages and special damages. General damages is compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity as a result of the injury and special damages are for financial losses both past and future. Often, brain injury compensation can take a long time to calculate as it is important that someone with a brain injury reaches a plateau in terms of their recovery before a calculation can be made. While many people with a brain injury make positive recoveries and regain at least some degree of independence others may need long term care and assistance and therefore, a brain injury can be very isolating for the person that suffers from it and also their loved ones as they simply do not understand what they are going through.

If you have recently sustained a brain injury you may need to seek legal representation. It is vital that you appoint a solicitor with appropriate knowledge and understanding of brain injuries whether acquired or developed as a result of negligence. Our Team at Davies and Partners have over 25 years of experience in helping people who suffer with brain injuries and are accredited by the Law Society and AVMA and we are also on the Panel of Approved Solicitors by the Brain injury Association Headway.

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