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At Davies and Partners Solicitors we have a team of specialist brain injury lawyers who have considerable experience of dealing with these complex claims for brain injury compensation for clients around the UK. We understand that each claim is unique to each client and we will fight hard to ensure we obtain the right result for each claim.

HW PIS 2015 RGBTwo of our brain injury lawyers are on the Headway Head Injury Solicitors Directory. Tracy Edwards is based in our Birmingham office and Lorna Lymer in our Gloucester office. Heading is the Brain Injury Association

Brain injury claims can be caused by a number of reasons and if it is caused by medical negligence, there are a variety of circumstances where you may have a claim for brain injury compensation. This can include: -

Birth injury and cerebral palsy claims – Negligent medical treatment before, during or after birth can cause a catastrophic brain injury. These are always complex cases and our brain injury lawyers understand the impact these cases have upon the family as well as the child.

Misdiagnosis of brain tumours sometimes a CT or MRI scan may be misinterpreted or initial signs and symptoms are not recognised or are poorly understood so that there is a delay in obtaining an appropriate referral to and treatment by a specialist. This can in some situations result in a brain injury.

Misdiagnosis of a stroke – an adult (and in rare cases a child) might also sustain a brain injury as a result of a delay in diagnosing or misdiagnosis of a stroke. Many strokes occur when blood clots stop or impair the flow of blood to the brain which causes a brain injury.

Septacaemia – most people have heard of this type of infection which if it becomes widespread can lead to multi-organ failure. This is turn can lead to the brain being starved of oxygen causing brain damage. In a medical context, septaceamia requires urgent treatment but if there is delay or a diagnosis is missed there can be a medical negligence claim.

Lack of oxygen during surgery – If there is a reduction in the blood supply to the brain during an operation because a patient’s blood pressure was not properly managed to ensure safe levels then a brain injury can occur.

Each brain injury lawyer at Davies and Partners understands the life-long effects a brain injury can have on each client and their loved ones. Our specialist team of expert brain injury lawyers will aim to obtain the maximum compensation we can to ensure that the right rehabilitation can be obtained to provide the best quality of life after a brain injury.

For examples of Brain Injury Cases please visit our case study pages and see our Brain Injury Case Studies

If you have a Brain Injury claim you would like to discuss with one of our expert team, then please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation initial discussion about how we can help.

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