Plastic Surgery Claims

Plastic surgery encompasses a broad spectrum of treatment ranging from elective cosmetic procedures such as botox, liposuction, a nose job, facelift, breast surgery or some other cosmetic procedures which are generally only available in the private sector and which are not as strictly regulated as other areas of healthcare.

On the other hand plastic surgery can be required in consequence of a devastating illness such as cancer which can affect any part of the body and result in the need for extensive plastic surgery for example, reconstructive breast surgery following breast cancer; or the need for facial reconstruction following a major trauma, or in consequence of a loss of a limb either through illness, for example diabetes or meningitis, or trauma during the course of DIY or employment; or as a consequence of severe burns. Where there is a medical need for plastic surgery then treatment is more commonly available under the NHS.

Whatever the reason for undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery - when it goes wrong the consequences for the patient can be devastating physically, emotionally and financially.

We have successfully represented a number of clients who have suffered injury as a result of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure and recovered substantial damages on their behalf.

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