Hospital Negligence

What is ‘hospital negligence’?

We all put our faith and trust in medical practitioners and often leave our lives in their hands at the most difficult times. Unfortunately, hospital mistakes do happen and the consequences can be life-changing. In these circumstances, it is essential for you to pursue a hospital negligence claim for medical negligence in order to recover compensation from the hospital to enable you to meet the costs that have been negligently imposed upon you and that are required to allow you to recover from the injury or illness incurred.

Here at Davies and Partners we have a team of experienced and passionate Hospital negligence solicitors across our four offices, who have years of experience handling hospital negligence cases and have a great deal of expertise across many different specialities; including birth injuries, medical misdiagnosis, brain injuries, hospital neglect and hospital negligence resulting in death.

It is your right to expect a high level of care from any medical practitioner. If you have suffered an injury or illness from any poor treatment or substandard care, you may have a hospital negligence claim. We will carry out a thorough investigation of the treatment you have received, which will include obtaining independent medical reports from leading experts across the country. We are dedicated to ensuring that any hospital errors or failings, that could and should have been avoided, are identified and that the relevant hospital is held accountable.

Our hospital negligence solicitors will work with you through your claim, supporting you each step of the way and working towards getting your life back on track. At Davies and Partners we understand that suiting a hospital for negligence is not just about financial payout, but about re-establishing your life; enabling you to get back to doing what you want to do and making the lives of both you and your family happier and more secure. The holistic approach taken by our friendly solicitors enables you to focus on your rehabilitation whilst we pursue your legal claim; allowing us to work together to achieve the best result possible for you. We treat all cases with respect and sensitivity, holding your best interests as our leading light.

Please visit our ‘How to Claim’ page for more information about the process.

Vicarious Liability

Suing a hospital for negligence can be a daunting task. Where do I start?

Can I sue a doctor

Can I sue a hospital?

Can I sue for misdiagnosis

Can I sue for malpractice

The concept of vicarious liability applies to all NHS Trusts across the country and means that any NHS Trust will become vicariously liable for mistakes performed by any medical practitioners, in the course of their employment, who work within that NHS Trust. This means that any claim against a medical practitioner or hospital will be pursued against their leading authority. With regard to private medical establishments, doctors providing private medical healthcare will be pursued individually and they will be covered by Medical Indemnity Insurance. For claims against the general practice of the hospital or the support staff, this will be pursued against the hospital itself. Claims against a GP will also be pursued against them individually and funds will be covered by their own Medical Indemnity Insurance.


At Davies and Partners we offer a range of funding options to enable you to pursue your claim and obtain a hospital negligence settlement. If you have any Legal Expenses Insurance, which is often included in household or car insurance, or if you are a Trade Union member, this may be your best option. However, if you don’t then we can arrange for a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement to be set up and this is coupled with an After the Event insurance policy to ensure that all of your costs are covered.

Please visit our ‘No Win No Fee’ page for more information on how it works.

Choosing the right solicitor is essential when you are faced with a case of medical malpractice. Contact us today for a free initial consultation with one of our expert hospital injury lawyers.

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