Nursing Negligence Claims

Many nursing staff work hard to provide good care, often in circumstances where resources and support are lacking, and proper investigation of patient concerns is vital if standards are to be maintained.

We are often consulted by patients and their families who have been unhappy with the response to their concerns and want advice on a potential negligence claim. Claims for nursing care provided in hospitals and care homes form a significant part of our practice. We see the same problems raised time and time again:

  • Pressure sores are a particular problem for patients with limited mobility. It is vital that patients are nursed in accordance with protocols in order to minimise the risk of skin damage, with careful risk assessments, frequent skin checks, regular adjustments to their positioning and provision of specialist mattresses and cushions.
  • Diet must be properly supervised and hydration maintained.
  • Strict infection control is vital.
  • Medication must be dispensed accurately
  • Doctors must be given accurate and full information about the patient’s condition and alerted to any concerns
  • Patients’ mobility must be assessed and appropriate help provided if the risk of falls is to be minimised.

Neglect of these basics of nursing practice can cause a great deal of suffering and can lead to severe injury, illness and death. All our specialist clinical negligence team have won compensation for patients and families affected by nursing negligence.

Nursing Negligence Claims Case Studies:

Failing to meet Standards of Care

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