Cerebral Palsy Compensation

Cerebral palsy compensation claims are brought on behalf of claimants who have suffered a form of motor disorder, usually in babies or children occurring up to or shortly after birth. In order to be successful with these cases our team of medical negligence specialist lawyers, have to prove that the cerebral palsy is directly related to the negligent medical care.

As any parent or carer of someone that suffers from cerebral palsy knows, they require an extensive amount of care to include therapies, rehabilitation, aids and equipment and compensation needs to take both past and future requirements into account.

Cerebral palsy compensation claims can arise due to labour, ante-natal or post-natal care not being adequately monitored, failure to monitor the antenatal growth and care appropriately, inappropriate use of drugs during labour and delay in delivery. However, it is important to note that not all children who are injured at birth are eligible for compensation.

You need expert advice in order to establish whether the injury occurred due to negligent treatment. Because of the complex nature of cerebral palsy compensation cases, they require detailed investigation and this can take time to prove liability. Once liability is established Davies and Partners’ medical negligence team will usually try to secure an interim payment to make sure that the immediate needs are taken care of. In order to assess someone’s need and the value of compensation arrangements will be put in place to arrange assessments with experts in the fields of

care, accommodation, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, assistive technology and many other areas that could improve the quality of life for someone suffering with cerebral palsy. A cerebral palsy victim is compensated for their past loss as well as their future needs and it is the future needs that dictate the amount of compensation awarded.

Every case is different, but in many cases of severe brain injury the total amount of compensation can exceed £3,000,000.00. Once a complete assessment has been carried out and compensation is achieved, in the majority of cases, large lump sums are no longer suitable for victims and the preferred option is a partial lump sum with periodical payments to meet the annual cost of care and needs in the future.

At Davies and Partners Solicitors we have our own Court of Protection Team that can help in the management of the compensation fund.

Our experienced cerebral palsy and birth injury lawyers have extensive experience in running complex and challenging cases and have been successful in securing multi million pound settlements. We understand the impact such devastating injuries can have not only on a child but also the wider impact for the family.

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