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Are you scared of the dentist?

Dentaphobia is the irrational fear of receiving dental care. Usually dental treatment is smooth sailing and there is no need for concern. There are however occasions where dentists get it wrong and in these situations a spoonful of dentaphobia may not be as unreasonable as one may ordinarily think.

Can I make a Dental Negligence Claim?

Whether your treatment has been provided privately or on the NHS, you are eligible to make a claim for dental negligence compensation if your dentist has breached his/her duty of care and you have incurred an injury as a result.

A dentist’s duty of care

All dental practitioners have a duty of care to their patients to provide a good standard of practice and care. If this is not given then they will have breached their duty and could be liable for compensation.


If negligent dental treatment is provided, this can cause injuries to the patient which often generates unnecessary pain and suffering. Some injuries can have life-long implications as well. The cost of dental care can be significant and injuries requiring on-going treatment can be costly. These injuries can also affect your self confidence and have an effect on your mental health.

The type of injuries that are regularly dealt with in medical negligence dental claims are:

  • Nerve damage;
  • Extraction of the wrong tooth;
  • Errors with root canal treatment, such as preparing the wrong tooth;
  • Poor treatment involving crowns or fillings;
  • Failure to detect gum disease;
  • Cosmetic dentistry errors;
  • Incorrect administration of anaesthesia; and
  • Failure to identify and make the appropriate referrals for treatment of oral cancer.

How can we help?

At Davies and Partners Solicitors our specialist medical negligence team have successfully represented claimants who have suffered a poor outcome as a result of negligent dental care. We understand the implications that can arise from negligent dental treatment and we provide an holistic service to all our clients, ensuring that they receive quality care to correct any errors and work towards achieving an appropriate level of compensation.

If you are concerned about the level of dental care you have received, contact us today for a free initial consultation with one of our expert medical negligence solicitors.

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