Medical Negligence Solicitors

Medical negligence is a specialism and a highly complex area of law that requires both medical and legal knowledge. The best medical negligence solicitors marry technical ability with a high level of empathy and sympathy towards their clients.

Solicitors for medical negligence may seem ‘two-a-penny’. There are many law firms with eye-catching websites and advertisements in which they claim to be specialist medical negligence solicitors in the UK, or experts in this particular area of law, when in fact they are not qualified to handle your case correctly.

So, how do you find the best medical negligence solicitor in the UK? How do you recognise a genuine specialist clinical or medical negligence lawyer?

It is essential when selecting a medical negligence solicitor that you know they are actually specialists in medical negligence. The best lawyers for medical negligence are accredited by one of two well-established panels - AvMA and the Law Society. Having a representation on one of these panels ensures that your selected lawyer has been assessed and accredited as a specialist medical negligence lawyer.

These panels are amongst only a few that are recognised by the Legal Aid Agency, the NHS Litigation Authority in England and the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership.

As with any other specialist areas, unfortunately there are solicitors that deal with medical negligence cases who claim to be approved or accredited by other organisations. These will not be recognised bodies within the sector and offer no guarantee that your solicitor is in fact, a specialist. It is therefore very important, when selecting your solicitor or law firm, that you check if they are displaying The Law Society or AvMA specialist clinical negligence logo. Please check the panel websites, so you recognise the official logos.

Recently there has been a rise in personal injury solicitors trying their luck as medical neligence lawyers in the UK. Personal injury lawyers do not deal with medical negligence on a daily basis and are not generally specialists in this area. This is another reason to ensure that you give the process of selecting a medical claims solicitor some serious consideration and research before making your choice.

When considering instructing a solicitor for your potential clinical negligence case you should be prepared with a list of questions to ensure you instruct the best lawyers for medical negligence. These questions are:

  • Are you a solicitor? And are you a solicitor that specialises in medical negligence?
  • How long have you been qualified?
  • Do you only deal with medical negligence work?
  • Are you on one of the accredited specialist panels? If so, which panel?

These questions may be key to instructing a specialist solicitor over a non-specialist and ensuring that you receive the most professional advice from the best medical negligence or medical malpractice lawyers.

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