Birth Injury Solicitors

Childbirth is a magical time where you welcome a new member of your family into your lives. Unfortunately, this special moment can be destroyed by concerns and fears relating to complications which could have been avoided.

At Davies and Partners, our specialist medical negligence team, has a long history of successfully representing both mother and child in medical negligence compensation claims. Our team has specialist expertise in pursuing claims that involve injuries sustained during pregnancy, labour or the eight week post-natal period.

Injury to child

If a child is injured during pregnancy, labour or the post-natal period as a result of medical malpractice, this can have serious implications upon that child’s life.

Some examples of injuries that can arise are:

  • Cerebral palsy: this occurs where delays during delivery cause starvation of oxygen, leading to permanent brain damage.
  • Shoulder dystocia / Erb’s palsy: mismanagement of the baby’s delivery can lead to arms becoming trapped and permanent nerve damage, resulting in lifelong deformity and disability.
  • Death during delivery / pregnancy (intrauterine death / stillbirth): a clinician’s failure to act when a baby’s heart-rate decreases on a CTG or failure to deliver the baby within an acceptable time can lead to starvation of oxygen and death. Problems during pregnancy (reduced fetal movement, problems with the placenta) can also lead to stillbirth which might have been avoidable.

Injury to mother

A mother can also incur injuries as a result of childbirth and these injuries can likewise have a long-term effect:

Third and Fourth Degree Tears: in a prolonged labour with a larger baby, a mother can sustain a third or fourth degree tear to her perineum, resulting in the need for remedial surgery and sometimes lifelong complications of urinary / faecal incontinence. Sometimes, the failure to carry out an episiotomy or manage the delivery better (by use of forceps / ventouse) is to blame.

Gestational Diabetes: during pregnancy, failures to carry out regular blood or urine tests can lead to a failure to diagnose and manage diabetes during pregnancy. This in turn can lead to the baby being much larger than normal and can cause problems during delivery.

Funding options

At Davies and Partners we offer a full range of funding options to enable you to pursue your claim and obtain a medical negligence settlement. If you have any Legal Expenses Insurance, which is often included in household insurance, this may be your best option. If you are a Trade Union member, legal expenses may be covered there. Alternatively, we can arrange for a Conditional Fee Agreement (‘No Win No Fee’ agreement) to be set up and this is coupled with an After the Event insurance policy to ensure that all of your costs are covered.

Davies and Partners also holds a clinical negligence franchise with the Legal Aid Agency, where funding is provided for a specific criteria of birth injury claims.

Please visit our ‘No Win No Fee’ page for more information on how this funding method works.

How can we help?

At Davies and Partners Solicitors, our holistic approach caters for all of your needs as a client, from physical and mental health rehabilitation to putting financial provision in place to enable security for your family’s future. Every aspect of a claim is covered by our team of specialists and they will guide you every step of the way to achieve the best result possible for you or your child. We understand that each claim is completely unique and ensure that we look at the individual nature of your claim and the complications which have arisen, in order to obtain the appropriate and optimum value of compensation.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position where you have suffered negligent complications during pregnancy, childbirth or within the post-natal period and either you or your child have suffered an injury as a result, you could have a claim for medical negligence compensation.

Choosing the right solicitor is essential when you are faced with a case of medical malpractice. Contact us today for a free initial consultation with one of our expert medical negligence solicitors.

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