Medical Negligence Specialists

For over 25 years Davies and Partners has assisted clients all over the UK who have suffered from a range of different forms of medical negligence. They consistently achieve outstanding results for their clients and work tirelessly to make sure they obtain the compensation that they deserve.

Many people undergo medical procedures and receive treatment on a daily basis that results in an excellent outcome. Unfortunately, not all medical treatment is successful. Medical negligence, also known as clinical negligence, is when a healthcare professional makes a mistake during a medical procedure, diagnosis or hospital treatment and as a result of these mistakes unnecessary harm has been caused to patients.

The process of making a medical negligence claim may seem somewhat daunting but the solicitors at Davies and Partners are medical negligence specialists. They have a number of members of The Law Society, AvMA and Headway panels. They have the expertise and compassion required to help you make a successful claim.

Davies and Partners is aware that every claim is different and as such from the outset the team are dedicated to working closely with the patient and their families to provide the best legal advice possible. Davies and Partners will make sure you understand and are happy with every step of the claim. They will undertake a careful analysis of the claim and will always work proactively to make sure the claim progresses as smoothly as possible to ensure the Claimant is compensated fully for not only what they have suffered but any effects the injury may have on their and their family’s future lives.

Davies and Partners understands the devastating impact of medical negligence and realise that no amount of money can repair the position. But the team of medical negligence specialists are experts in this type of claim and know firsthand the significant difference compensation can make in allowing the Claimant to manage the consequences of their failed treatment and offering them the best quality of life possible.

If you believe you or a loved one have a potential medical negligence claim then our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors can help you make a claim and seek the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for advice.

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