Cancer Misdiagnosis

Cancer is a tragic medical condition that affects millions of people across the world. When we seek advice from our GPs and other medical practitioners we expect good quality care and treatment. In the unfortunate circumstances where there is bad news, we put our lives in their hands for the sake of our recovery.

Regrettably, there are occasions when a medical practitioner gets it wrong. There are two different forms of misdiagnosis; cases where there is an incorrect diagnosis and cases where there is a delay in the diagnosis or a failure to diagnose completely. Both of these forms of negligence can have significant implications upon a patient’s life.


Being told you have cancer is a heart-breaking moment for anyone and will understandably have both physical and mental effects on your life. In situations where this is done unnecessarily and incorrectly, the ramifications are huge.

There are many effects that could come from a misdiagnosis of cancer; these include unnecessary chemotherapy treatment and other medical treatments, delays in treating the actual condition you have, risk of health complications and psychological effects from believing you are seriously ill.

Delayed diagnosis

In cases where the diagnosis of a condition like cancer is delayed or missed entirely, this can have serious effects upon the overall recovery time and success of recovery for the patient. It can potentially prevent a full recovery at all and result in a shortened life expectancy. If a cancer diagnosis is delayed this will generate delays in the relevant tests being done and further referrals onto relevant hospital departments being made. It will also increase the risk of the cancer spreading throughout the body of the patient.

The length of the delay is an important factor, as small delays are unlikely to have an impact upon a patient’s condition. This time period differs depending on the type of cancer and its severity.

Why choose us?

At Davies and Partners, we have specialist expertise in this area and have experience of dealing with claims involving many different types of cancer. Our solicitors have had many successful outcomes from claims involving missed or delayed diagnosis of:

  • Brain tumours;
  • Bowel cancer;
  • Breast cancer;
  • Lung cancer;
  • Cervical cancer; and
  • Lymphoma.

Our solicitors have a sensitive approach when dealing with these types of claims and understand the implications that this will have on your life. They will support you from start to finish and along the way can work towards obtaining interim payments to provide funds for your on-going treatment and recovery. This can include counselling and psychological therapy, which we recognise as an important factor.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation with one of our misdiagnosis experts and find out how our team can help you to pursue a successful claim.

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