Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

Increasing numbers of families are being affected by cancer and, whilst great improvements are constantly being made, the success of treatments very much depends on a timely diagnosis.

As specialist medical negligence solicitors, Davies and Partners Solicitors has a particular specialism in representing patients or their families whose diagnosis of cancer has been unnecessarily delayed or incorrectly or misdiagnosed.

Early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is imperative to ensure that a patient has the best possible chance of a cure. The misdiagnosis of Breast cancer will directly affect the likelihood of a cure.

Frequently, we encounter cases where a GP has failed to refer a patient on to hospital for urgent investigations under the two-week guidelines, mistakenly believing their symptoms are nothing to worry about. Delays on the part of a GP can have a serious cumulative effect on a patient being referred to the right department at hospital, undergoing necessary tests and scans before a diagnosis is finally reached. Often by this stage, the cancer may have spread (causing mestastases), which limits the treatment options available.

Our team of specialist medical negligence lawyers have dealt with many breast cancer claims where delays in diagnosis have prejudiced a patient’s treatment options. For example, where the failure to diagnose breast cancer has meant a patient is no longer eligible for surgery or chemotherapy, so they can only have palliative treatment rather than a possible cure.

Our team has direct experience of pursuing successful claims relating to delayed diagnosis of breast cancer or a missed breast cancer diagnosis, as well as many other types of cancer including ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, as well as prostate and urological cancers in men.

We also have expertise in acting for claimants in cases concerning delayed diagnosis of cancers affecting the digestive tract (bowel cancer, oesophageal and stomach cancer), lung and kidney cancer.

Our team of specialist at Davies and Partners are used to handling such cases sensitively and to ensure maximum compensation is obtained for our clients and their families. We will guide you through the litigation process and we will work hard to achieve a successful result for you. Please do not hesitate to Contact us today for a free initial consultation with one of our specialist team. We have four regional offices around the UK and work with clients throughout the UK.

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