Herpes Misdiagnosis

It is common place within the medical profession to misdiagnose herpes due to the similarity of symptoms with other conditions.

Herpes can affect men and women and unless you obtain timely treatment it can cause painful and unrelenting symptoms and anxiety.

At Davies and Partners Solicitors our team of medical negligence specialists understand that you place a lot of trust in your clinicians GP’s and other medical professionals and at times you feel there has been a misdiagnosis you can feel let down.

The reasons for misdiagnosis of Herpes are often failure to:-

  • Interpret test results accurately;
  • Examine you properly;
  • Refer you to a specialist.

We accept that most GP’s and medical professionals offer an excellent level of care but there are the instances where this doesn’t always occur.

Our medical negligence team has come across many examples involving misdiagnosis in many medical conditions including Herpes. If you feel you have suffered as a result of a misdiagnosis of herpes or any other another condition, then please contact one of our specialist team and discuss your claim with us.

We offer a free, no obligation initial case discussion, so we can clarify the details with you. So please contact us.

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