Missed Miscarriage Misdiagnosis

At Davies and Partners we understand that a miscarriage can be devastating for the mother and the whole family unit. If it is a missed miscarriage diagnosis of this can become even more upsetting and sometimes life threatening. Our specialist medical negligence team at Davies and Partners Solicitors, are sensitive to your circumstances and our expertise guarantees we will seek the best outcome of your claim.

Patients place a large amount of trust in medical professionals and as a result expect to receive a high standard of care from these medical experts. If the standard of care you received fell below these standards as defined by a responsible body of medical opinion resulting in physical or psychological harm to you or your baby, our solicitors can help you pursue a claim against either the medical practitioner and/or the hospital from which you received treatment in. It can be possible for you to sue for misdiagnosis, wrong diagnosis or for not being diagnosed at all.

A misdiagnosed miscarriage can occur when a medical practitioner is unable to find the heartbeat of the baby. This type of medical negligence can be caused by a medical professional using either ageing or faulty ultrasound equipment or they may not have completed or incorrectly completed examinations or there may be an error in the ultrasound. This can result in highly distressing consequences due to the mother being instructed to take action or treatment that was based on unsound advice and then there being physical or psychological damage caused as a consequence.

Sometimes an ectopic pregnancy can be misdiagnosed as a miscarriage. An ectopic pregnancy is when an embryo attaches outside the womb, occasionally in the fallopian tubes and if misdiagnosed the tubes can burst and cause internal bleeding and an immediate risk to the woman’s life.

If you have recently been affected by a miscarriage misdiagnosis you may need to seek legal representation and as such it is vital that you appoint a solicitor with appropriate knowledge and understanding of the injury acquired or developed as a result of the negligence. Davies and Partners has over 25 years of extensive experience in acting for clients who have suffered from a range of injuries including miscarriage misdiagnosis. The process of making a claim can seem daunting but here at Davies and Partners our solicitors, who are members of The Law Society and AvMA Panels, have the expertise to help you make a successful claim and obtain the compensation you deserve.

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