Hospital Claims – No Win No Fee

At Davies and Partners we understand that one of the fears when considering making a medical or hospital negligence claim is the potential legal costs you may incur particularly if you are unsuccessful. That is why many of our cases proceed under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), more commonly known as No Win No Fee Agreement. This will remove this financial risk of litigation and allow you access to justice.

Medical negligence claims can be complicated and as a result expensive to investigate. We understand the importance of making sure the correct funding is in place to support your claim. At the start of your case we will discuss all the funding options with you and consider which is most suitable.

It may be that you have legal expenses insurance, which is included in many household insurance policies, so it is always worth checking whether you are already covered. Legal Aid is another option that may be available in some specific circumstances.

No Win No Fee for a Hospital Negligence Claim

If neither of these routes can be used we may think the best funding option is a No Win No Fee Agreement. We will go through all the details with you so that you have a full understanding of the agreement.

Essentially it is an agreement between you and your solicitor that as your claim proceeds there will be no ongoing charge to you for our costs.

If the claim is successful our basic costs are generally paid by the Defendant.If your claim is successful you may have a deduction from your compensation to pay some of your legal fees. This deduction is however capped at 25% of your compensation for your injury and past losses (not future losses) so no more than this can be taken from your damages.

If the claim is unsuccessful you pay nothing provided that a policy of after the event insurance istaken out that will reimburse any disbursements incurred in pursuing the claim.

Therefore win or lose there is no financial risk for you.

If you have recently been affected by hospital negligence you may need to seek legal representation. As such it is vital that you appoint a solicitor with appropriate knowledge and understanding of medical negligence claims. Davies and Partners has over 25 years extensive experience acting for clients who have suffered from a range of injuries. The funding options above may seem daunting but here at Davies and Partners our solicitors, who are members of The Law Society and AvMA Panel, have the expertise to help you make a successful claim.

If you believe you have a case then our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors can help you make a claim and seek the compensation you deserve.

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