Anita Marriott

Anita joined Davies and Partners in 2000, having previously trained and worked for one of the leading Defendant firms in Wales, formerly known as Welsh Health Legal Services. Since joining Davies and Partners, Anita has acted exclusively for Claimants in clinical negligence for over 15 years.

Qualifications: Anita was admitted to the Solicitors’ Roll in February 2000 and has practised exclusively in Clinical Negligence since qualification.

Specialisms: Anita has pursued many successful claims for patients who have received substandard medical care including GP errors; surgical complications; orthopaedic negligence and fatal accidents. Anita has a particular specialism in cases concerning bowel injuries sustained during surgery and delayed diagnosis and treatment of bowel cancer.

Some of the more unusual claims Anita has successfully pursued have included:

delays in diagnosing and treating septic arthritis
surgical errors involving injuries to the bile duct, bladder, bowels and brachial plexus
delays in diagnosing DVT (blood clots) and bowel cancer, resulting in premature death
failure of reconstructive breast surgery arising out of failure to warn of risks associated with smoking
the development of a Somatoform Disorder as a consequence of a delay in diagnosing and treating a spinal infection which resulted in an award of £500,000
failure of a primary tendon repair, resulting in the need for multiple surgeries and subsequent infective complications which resulted in an award of £700.00;

Client Feedback:

“Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. Very Best Wishes” – Mrs C, East Sussex

Additional Info

  • Position: Associate
  • Location: Bristol
  • Telephone: 01454 619619
  • Email:
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