Hip Replacements on the Increase

Wednesday, 02 March 2016 10:09

Latest statistics indicate that hip replacements for patients under 60 are on the rise, having increased by more than a third in the last ten years. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35699161

In the past, hip replacements were deferred for as long as possible and were seen as a last resort. Patients were advised to wait as long as possible, on the understanding that a false hip would only last 15 years and would need to be re-done. Nowadays, with improvements in the quality of prosthetics, patients are keen to undergo surgery earlier as the joints are lasting longer. Recovery times are also shorter today, with patients back on their feet and walking around within a couple of days.

In 2010, there were concerns regarding the safety and durability of “metal on metal” hip replacements due to reported cases of fragments breaking off and affecting surrounding tissue.

The main reason for joint replacements is arthritis, which is an increasing problem given our sedentary lifestyles and issues with obesity. Doubtless the demand for hip replacements will continue to rise in the presence of an ageing population.

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Author: Katie Nairne 


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