NHS has the busiest year in its history, will this cause a rise in medical negligence claims?

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 18:57

Statics published by NHS England have highlighted that the NHS has had one of its busiest years in its history, seeing more patients than ever before.

Nearly 23 million people visited A&E in a 12 month period up to March 2016 and that is a rise of over 500,000 patients. The statistics published also highlighted that delays rose throughout that period in terms of their A&E target, targets for cancer and routine operations.

It is clear to Practitioners specialising in clinical negligence that there is not sufficient manpower in terms of Clinicians and support staff to adequately manage this level of patients. It is important that the Government invest heavily in the NHS to prevent a rise in medical negligence claims. It is clear that frontline Doctors and Nurses are treating more and more patients but a long term plan is needed in terms of ensuring that there are sufficient resources to cope with the increasing demands on the NHS and prevent more medical negligence claims.

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