New funds to be made available to victims of Breast Surgeon, Ian Paterson

Thursday, 12 August 2021 09:50

A new fund (Compensation Fund No.2) is to be set up by Spire Healthcare Limited to allow former patients who were treated at their hospitals by Breast Surgeon, Ian Paterson, who have not previously received compensation, to submit claims for injury arising out of his negligent treatment.

An original fund of £37 million was created in 2017 which covered compensation claims for over seven hundred former patients of Ian Paterson who were treated at either Spire Healthcare or Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (now incorporated in to University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust). 

However, an Independent Inquiry has since found that Spire Healthcare’s original recall of Paterson's patients was insufficient. Spire Healthcare are now recalling additional patients and this new fund will be used to award compensation to Paterson’s further victims.

This new compensation fund will be accessible via a scheme which allows firms, including Davies and Partners, who acted in previous claims against Paterson, to advise new potential claimants and to apply to the fund

If you are a former patient of Ian Paterson and believe you may have a claim please email your details to either  Rachel Bowen:   or Tracy Edwards:   who will then contact you for a free consultation.

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